The Empowerment Circle


Dr Angie

Ifedayo Greenway Tara Harris Linda Isaac Ciara Mason Kisha McDaniel
Minister Dayo Greenway
(Changing Faces Movement)
Sister Tara Harris
(Only His Grace, Inc.)
Evangelist Linda Isaac
(Kingdom Intercessors)
Prophetess Ciara Mason
(Razing Women &
Ciara Mason Ministries)
Minister Kisha McDaniel
(Purposed Pursuit)


Empowerment with Dr. Angie is a ministry of Women Empowered in the Millennium, Inc. This is a covenant relationship that operates with Dr. Angela Corprew leading the ministry and is joined by other like-minded women who have been personally invited by the Holy Spirit.  Empowerment with Dr. Angie offers:




  • Developing leadership abilities through classes, training, seminars and conferences

  • Developing spiritual knowledge through conference calls, Zooms, Bible study and other ministry leaders’ platforms

  • Providing wisdom and insight for challenges faced in ministry, marriage and/or singleness

  • Praying for the ministry leader, her family, and ministry to hear from God and walk obediently in her God-called purpose

  • Recommendation and referrals for ministry logo, signage, copyright, and business legalities for ministry

  • Holding the ministry leader accountable for high moral character and integrity by personally engaging in leader’s life